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Tea Towel Vs Dish Towel : Which One Is Correct

Tea Towel VS Dish Towel Are they really the same? Not at all! Each of them has its own characteristics and its own identity.

A tea towel, also known as a dish drying cloth, looks like a dish towel. Ok? Assume that these two are of the same size and shape. But there is a difference: between them, tea towels are made of linen or cotton fabric. This towel is not made of dairy cloth; if it were made of dairy cloth, we would have called it a dish towel.

Read about these tea towel vs dish towel and learn how you can use these two tea towels and dish towels in your life.

What is a Tea Towel

A tea towel is made of a thin cloth. Which is actually used in the kitchen to cover bread or cake etc. And they also do the work of drying utensils and hands several times. These towels are designed to make kitchen tasks easier. Tea towels come in a variety of designs and sizes and in different colors. They have thick stitching on all four corners for their durability.

It is given this name for its original work. Because it was used by Europeans in the 18th century to cover tea trays and tea pots. These were so thin and soft that they used them to clean their silverware.

  • Crafted from 100% exceptionally soft cotton and measuring 28 inches in length and 20 inches in width, these towels are ideal for drying dishes, hands, handling hot plates, and adding a stylish touch to the oven door..

What is a Dish Towel?

Dish towel that people use to dry their spills and utensils. The dish towel is made of Terry cloth , This is why it absorbs water quickly. It comes in different colors and designs. They are quite soft so they are used to hold food items on them. Eighteenth-century women used it to clean kitchen surfaces. And today it is used to lift the hot water pot to keep the food warm and also to clean the kitchen surface. 

The difference between the people of the new age and the people of the old age is that the people of the old age used to make it osnaburg fabric and burlap and the people of today make it with terry cloth.

  • This kitchen’s standout towel, the unsung hero, is larger, softer, thinner, lint-free, and topped off with a touch of cuteness – measuring at 20 x 30 inches.


Materials used in making tea towels are linen and cotton!

Linen: Linen, which is similar to cotton, is made from flax fibers. That’s why flax has been cultivated for thousands of years for its fibers. They have many benefits. They are silky and soft, And they dry quickly. And they don’t get tangled even after repeated use. Linen towels are durable and can last more than five months if taken care of. Linen towels are also called tea towels.

Cotton: Cotton, which is used to make cloth, has also been cultivated for thousands of years.The towels that are made from cotton are quite soft and supple. And the tea towel is also made of cotton. Cotton absorbs water quickly and that is why it has been used in towels. Cotton is used in tea towels because it helps to keep the food etc. warm and it dries up the water quickly during cleaning.


Dish towels are made from materials that are more absorbent That is why the dishes are dried quickly. Among the materials used in the dish towel are.

Cotton: cotton dries water quickly, that’s why it is used in dish towel. Because cotton is soft and warm, cotton has the ability to keep food fresh for longer.

Linen: Linen is a natural fiber known for its absorbency. Because it dries quickly, it is also used in dish towels. It is lint-free, that’s why people keep towels made of it around food.

Hemp: Hemp is also a natural fiber that is similar to linen in terms of absorbency. They are extremely durable and get softer after every wash.

When buying a dish towel, be sure to consider its material and choose a dish towel keeping in mind the guidelines I have given.

What are the Uses of a Tea Towel?

I have covered six main topics for using tea towels, in which I have explained all the main uses that you can know about and how they protect your home. After reading these six main points, there will be no question left in your mind about the uses of tea towels.

  • Line a tea tray:

The best way to use tea towels. As the name suggests, these tea towels were originally designed to line tea trays. And apart from that, you can also line your kitchen shelves because they absorb the drops of washed dishes easily.

  • To dry utensils, dishes, and glasses:

Tea towels are great for drying dishes and glassware. Tea towels perform good and excellent work to please the pots and kitchen equipment. Dairy cloth dish towels can leave lint. It is not recommended to use them when storing food or offering.

  • Absorbing Spills:

So if there is water or dirt in the kitchen or dining area, use a tea towel because it has the ability to absorb quickly.

  • Cover Food 

As you know, this post already mentioned that linen or cotton-made tea towels are safe to use around food. Use tea towels to protect food. Tea towels keep core fruit bees and other pests away, and they do not let your meal cool but keep your food warm. Tea towels are used in cooking to cover items such as fresh bread, fresh cakes, or cones. Because it keeps your goods warm and protects them from being damaged.

  • Dry vegetables and fruits

Use tea towels to dry fruits and vegetables after washing them. Especially those made of cotton. Because cotton and linen are breathable and soft, vegetables and other items are covered with tea towels so that they stay fresh longer.

  • To protect surfaces

Use a tea towel to protect the surface, because if there are dishes on your table or to protect your glass and wooden sato, use a tea towel. Use a tea towel to avoid any damage during food service or to remove items quickly. Tea towels with interesting designs add aesthetic appeal to the dining table, especially during special occasions. 

What are the Uses of a Dish Towel?

  • Drying Dishes and Utensils:
  •  And since the primary function of your dish towels is to dry wash dishes, glassware, and utensils, it is this ability that makes them effective.
  • Cleaning and Wiping Surfaces:
  • Dish towels are effective for cleaning kitchen counter tops and counters, and they maintain a clean kitchen environment and help you in your work. By using this, you can make your work even easier.
  • Handling Hot Cookware:
  • When you touch hot dishes, pans, or baking sheets, use a dish to protect your hands from getting hot. When you cook or serve hot food to someone, it acts as a shield to prevent burns or discomfort.

Tea Towel vs Dish Towel: What’s The Difference?

Difference between a tea towel vs dish towel!

The tea towel vs dish towel are both used for different purposes.

A tea towel is quite soft and light; it is made of light fabric. The dish towel is also light, but it is made of a slightly thicker fabric. A tea towel is often used to clean steel vessels and glassware. And dish towels are used for cleaning countertops, kitchen floor surfaces, and many other cleaning tasks. To keep the bread warm, you can wrap it in both a tea towel and a dish towel. Cotton and linen are used in tea towels, whereas dish towels are made of terry cloth, but they also use cotton and linen. In both of them, you can find different designs that are useful for your kitchen.

Tea Towel Vs Dish Towel

Tea Towel
Dish Towel

It is made of linen and cotton

It is made of terry cloth


They are quite strong and soft

Somewhat coarser and rougher in texture.


Draw up and take in reduced amounts of water.

They are more absorbent and hold more water than tea towels


It is made of thin fabric

It is made of thick cloth


It is used to dray steel pots and trays

Is perfect for cleaning countertops and kitchens etc.

How to Care Tea Towels and Dish Towels

Dish towels and tea towels are both used almost daily, so their major drawback is that they need to be washed every other day, but I have heard that they are very easy to wash. Put them in hot water, add mild washing powder, and leave them overnight. The next day, take them out, and you will see that you will get new ones.

And store them in a ventilated place, because by following these tips, you can ensure that your tea towels and dish towels will last you a long time to efficiently handle kitchen tasks.

Where to Buy Tea Towels and Dish Towels?

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Budget-Friendly Options:

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Final Thought

The story of towels is a beautiful story of interest. The dish towel stands as a strong guard against the kitchen mishaps. On the other hand, the tea towel completes the process of pleasing the dishes with its elegant style. When these two towels have an argument, a new kitchen is born. 


In the tea towel vs. dish towel debate, In this post, we have told you the difference between tea towel vs dish towel. In this article, we have told you about the use of dish towels and tea towels and the materials used in them and how to care them by washing them with warm water and mild powder. And we have told you the legitimate ways to buy tea towel and dish towel. A tea towel and dish towel can make your kitchen tasks easier. Hope reading this post has increased your knowledge and understanding of tea towel vs dish towel

FAQ'S People ask Question

What is the difference in a tea towel and a dish towel?

There is a difference between tea towels and dish towels. A tea towel is often used to dry dishes and is usually decorative, While the dish towel is mainly used for cleaning and drying the various surfaces of the kitchen food.

What are tea towels good for?

A tea towel is great for dray up dishes and covering food. tea towel is good for those who want to keep food fresh for longer.

What is a dish towel used for?

Well, dish towels have many uses, but most women use them to clean kitchen surfaces and counter tops. Apart from cleaning kitchen surfaces and counters, you can use them for many tasks such as covering food and more.

Why are tea towels not absorbent?

Tea towels are not very absorbent because they are thin and the oil is left over during manufacturing.

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